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Commercial Treadmills

The main difference between home and commercial treadmills is their build quality. Commercial treadmills are built so they can be utilized continuously for hours on end at a fitness center. As a result, their frame, belt, deck and motor are generally of a higher level of craftsmanship and quality. Commercial treadmills are also generally larger and non-folding for sturdiness. Longer term and more extensive warranties speak to the quality of commercial treadmills. For example, Matrix claims 25,000 miles of maintenance free running with respect to the running deck of one of their commercial treadmills. They also offer an extended warranty that is covered even when the treadmill is used for up to six hours per day. Pretty incredible!

This piece of mind is something that leads even some home buyers to consider purchasing a commercial treadmill, especially if budget and space are not issues. A commercial treadmill for home could potentially last a lifetime with less upkeep and maintenance. Give it some thought!

Beyond all of the above, commercial treadmills tend to offer up a host of technological features not found on home treadmills. For example, many commercial treadmills come with web and IPTV connectivity.

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