Home Treadmills

Home Treadmills

When looking for a treadmill for home gym use, we would suggest it is best looking for a treadmill that is:

A. Strong and reliable: A solid motor with close to 3.0CHP will be able to handle walking, jogging and even running sessions.

B. Quiet and comfortable: You don’t want to annoy others in your home with a loud motor, or a running deck that doesn’t have adequate cushioning. The latter will also adversely impact your joints and general health, likely leaving you wanting to exercise less. Look for a treadmill with running deck technology that adds cushioning support.

C. Space conscious: If space is at a premium at home, be mindful of the treadmill’s footprint and weight, and whether or not it is foldable.

D. Good Value: This will vary from user to user depending on which feature sets you value. If you require or desire an interactive workout then you’d likely want web connectivity and perhaps the aid of a virtual trainer or training program – both of which are available with various treadmill brands and models.

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