Matrix Fitness T7xe

Matrix Fitness T7xe Review

Quick Introduction

Matrix Fitness is synonymous with quality and dependability. The company is a leading provider of commercial level fitness equipment. The Matrix T7xe is one of the company’s finest treadmills, offering up a great running experience for commercial settings, such as, fitness centres and hotels, but also those looking for an amazing at-home running experience.

The Matrix T7xe comes with an uber impressive 5.0 HP motor with a Dynamic Response Drive System. What does that mean and how does that compare to other machines? Well for starters, most at home treadmills top out at 3.5 HP with a max speed of around 20 km per hour. The Matrix T7xe can produce a top speed of 24 km per hour. The motor is built tough and more than capable of supporting daily high performance running.

The run is also super comfortable and quiet.  The running deck is spacious at 56cm by 152cm which gives runners more space and freedom. More impressive is the fact that the running deck is self-lubricating and housed with the Ultimate Deck Cushioning System which eases the impact to your bones and joints. We did say Matrix was all about the quality, no? Well the running deck on this T7xe offers over 25,000 miles of maintenance-free running. Now that is simply jaw-dropping!

Aside from the elite-level performance of this treadmill, its technology is even more impressive. The treadmill comes with a 16-inch high resolution display. It is WiFi enabled, allowing viewing of whatever your heart desires. The display can also be connected to IPTV, allowing you to watch the tele while going for a run.

Extending our talk beyond display and web connectivity, the Matrix T7xe offers a host of technology to keep you active and engaged in your workouts. For example, there are Virtual Active Workouts. Much like Icon Fitness’ iFit, these Virtual Active Workouts are high definition videos combined with dynamic changes in treadmill speeds and inclines to match foot and terrain movements of specific runs. Could you imagine a run through the star-dotted sidewalks of the Hollywood walk of fame in Los Angeles.  Amazing!

Looking to add something extra to your workouts? Some more intensity? The T7xe offers up the Sprint8 training program, a renowned 20 minute high-intensity interval training workout. Need that extra push? Matrix has its Workout Tracking Network which connects to the exercise data on your fitness app, helping you create personal goals or compete is challenges. Need even more of a push? Matrix also offers Virtual Coaching or a Virtual Fitness instructor!! In all honest, we can keep going with all the features and offerings from Matrix and its T7xe, but we’ll take a breather for now 🙂

Not sure if we need to state the obvious. But we love this treadmill and have a deep respect for the Matrix brand. 


  • Uber powerful 5.0HP motor with Dynamic Response Drive system. More than capable of handling regular, high performance running sessions.
  • 56x152cm, 2-ply commercial grade tread belt is an extra-wide running surface, comfortable enough for larger folk. The grade on the belt keeps its running smoothly and quietly.
  • Ultimate Deck Cushioning System lessens impacts to your bones and joints.
  • One inch hard-wax reversible deck that offers over 25,000 miles in maintenance free running
  • 24 KM/H top speed suitable for top-tier runs and athletes
  • Incline of up to 15% to adjust intensity levels
  • Oversized 16-inch high resolution console and display
  • Web & IPTV connectivity for a host of entertainment options
  • RFID Compatible for hands-free / touch-free login
  • 14 interactive preset workouts plus many, many more via Virtual Active programming
  • Compatible with Matrix’s Workout Tracking Network, Personal Training Network, and Virtual Coaching
  • For commercial customers, Matrix offers a comprehensive asset management system; view usage data on equipment, quickly connect to service reps and portals
  • For commercial customers, incorporate your brand into the treadmill’s display console
  • Integrated three-speed fan
  • Comprehensive warranty and after-sales service
  • Heart rate monitoring


  • Priced for commercial use and after-sales care (some would say it’s quite pricey) but the overall package is impressive and of good value

Warranty Summary

The Matrix Fitness T7xe comes with:

  • lifetime motor warranty
  • 2 year parts + labour warranty
  • lifetime frame warranty

Bottom Line

The Matrix Fitness T7xe has got an incredibly long list of benefits and features. We absolutely love it. If you are looking for something elite at-home, this will not leave you asking or wishing for more. If you are looking for a commercial piece of fitness equipment for your office, hotel, fitness centre etc, this would more than do the trick.


Matrix Fitness T7xe
Specifications Matrix Fitness T7xe
Motor 5.0 CHP
Speed 24.1 kmh
Incline 15%
Running surface 56 x 152 cm
Display 16" Web-enabled Touchscreen
Training programs 14 Preset Workout Programs
Web Connectivity
Heart rate monitor
Dimensions 215 x 93 x 161cm
Product weight 181 kg / 399 lbs
Max user weight 181 kg / 399 lbs
Warranty Motor: Lifetime
Parts: 3 year
Labour: 1 year
Frame: lifetime
Deck: lifetime