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NordicTrack C 700 Review

Quick Introduction

Value, value, value!  Triple V!!!, this treadmill is all about Value for your hard earned Dollar.   This one of the lowest (if not the lowest) entry point into the wonderful fitness world of NordicTrack – with tons of features, that would make you think this is a fully loaded model.

We are a big fan off the integration with iFit; which is making workouts much more challenging, and most importantly fun!  Hook up to the app to get access to new workouts consistently, track your stats and all those stones you’re dropping, and get hooked into Google Maps; so you can do a route through Lombard Street in San Francisco, or through Times Square in New York City!  Infinite combinations, will keep your workouts from never getting old!

The C700 also comes with a strong 2.75 CHP motor – which is equipped with self-cooling, that the ensures DurX™ motor is whisper quiet and will make sure that there will be no interruptions to that key workout of yours.  In addition to that, the C700 has the coveted SpaceSaver design, which means that this fantastic treadmill can be folded away and put out of sight – until the next workout.  Trust me; we at treadmillreviewsUSA understand that we need to maximize our square footage in our home!  

With the NordicTrack C700 you will get a treadmill that has over 20 pre-set workouts (not to mention the iFit compatibility), autobreeze workout fan – to keep you cool during those intense workouts,  we do feel this is great value you NordicTrack C 700


  • iFit Compatibility: as mentioned earlier, this feature is a real winner with us!  Keeps your workouts fresh with so much variety to choose from and the ability to track your progress – sign us up (iFit requires a subscription, sold separately)!!
  • Flexselect™ Cushioning: some of our team suffers from bad joints, especially weak knees from all that football & rugby; so we particularly were fans of this feature – from those who want to increase the cushioning and reduce the impact – 1 half-turn delivers increases cushioning and reduces impact to your knees and ankles; but those that prefer a more firm surface can actually make another 1 half-turn on the knob and get a surface that feels like you’re running on the road.
  • Autobreeze™ Workout fans: keeps you cool; though this might seem like it’s obvious, but we definitely needed this feature when going extra hard on the treadmill!
  • 20 Workout Programs:  no iFit, no problem!  Stay engaged with 20 different workout programs that were designed by certified personal trainers
  • Speed, speed, speed: this beautiful machine gets up to 20km/h! 
  • Incline: with the 20 workout program and iFit compatibility – the options are endless; but that would be incomplete without the ability to incline!  0% to +10% incline, the variety of workouts are endless on the C700!
  • SpaceSaver:  All these features, but the treadmill still folds; the SpaceSaver design is sure to save room in your home 
  • Heart-rate Monitoring: This feature will keep you in the zone!  The heart rate monitors on the C700 are located on the handholds of the treadmill.
  • Warranty: NordicTrack quality, with a stellar warranty – you can’t go wrong – lifetime frame warranty, 10Y motor warranty and 2Y parts and labour warranty


  • Assembly: We have received some feedback that assembly maybe a tad bit challenging for some; might be better to invite a mate to help you out; next pint is on you!
  • Track Length:  There has been some feedback that the track length maybe too short for some individuals, however, through our testing we thought it was sufficient.

Warranty Summary

The NordicTrack C 700 comes with:

  • 25-year motor warranty
  • 1 year parts + labour warranty
  • lifetime frame warranty

Bottom Line

=) 4.0/5


NordicTrack C 700


Specifications NordicTrack C 700
Motor 2.75 CHP
Speed 20 kmh
Incline 10%
Running surface 51 x 140 cm
Display Multi-window LED
Training programs 20 Preset Workout Apps
Bluetooth (through iFit)
Web Connectivity (through iFit)
Heart rate monitor
Dimensions 185 x 85 x 150 cm
Product weight 93 kg / 205 lbs
Max user weight 125 kg / 275 lbs
Warranty Motor: 25 years
Parts & labour: 1 years
Frame: lifetime