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NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Review

Last Updated: January 21, 2021

Quick Introduction

The 2019 version of the New NordicTrack Commercial 1750 has some neat upgraded features. We loved the previous iterations and this shows no regression. Its previous model was highly popular with consumers and this newer version is being met with great enthusiasm and shows the potential of becoming a fitness freak’s favorite.

Live Personal Training

With the upgraded Commercial 1750, it’s time for some serious action. Thanks to the updated iFit, get ready to sweat under the LIVE personal training of professionals who control your speed, incline, and decline via the iFit app. The workouts can be tailored according to your fitness goals. We’ve given this app quite a bit of use over the past couple of years and are pleased with its development. It is constantly evolving with a growing library of workouts and applications. It is made with the intent of getting you healthy overall; working out, eating healthy (think individualized nutrition plans), and getting great sleep.

Upgraded Screen Dimensions

Forget the original 7” touchscreen console on the 2018 mode, this refreshed Commercial 1750 offers a new 10” screen so you can enjoy iFit or any of your favorite videos in all their glory. The web-enabled console allows you to access the internet so that you can keep working (or entertaining yourself) even during your workout. This is a nice upgrade as the 7 inch was sufficient for the price point but we were often envious when testing higher trim treadmills that offered a larger, higher quality screen. Glad for this change!

Upgraded Motor Power

Didn’t think NordicTrack could do better than a 3.6 HP motor at this price point? Think again! This model has a similarly quiet 3.75 HP motor to power with you through intense workout sessions. We’ve done a variety of workouts on this machine from higher speed runs, long jogs and HIIT sessions. The motor feels very solid.

Adjustable Cushioning Technology

Some features didn’t require upgrading like NordicTrack’s RunnersFlex(™) cushioning for its running deck! You can choose, with the flick of a switch, to alternate from a running experience that has a very padded shock-absorbing feel to one that feels more road-like. The latter comes in handy if you are looking to train for an outdoor marathon.

50 Built-In Workouts to Challenge Yourself

Although the iFit app can really provide a great experience if you want to make the most of this treadmill, the built-in workouts are pretty sufficient. If you don’t have an iFit membership there are now 50 built-in workouts with the Commercial 1750 as compared to the 38 in 2018 model.

The workout programs are split into 5 different categories. There are programs that focus on heart rate, calorie burning, high-intensity training, speed, and incline. Within these programs are varying intensities to accommodate your fitness level or desires.

iFit in All Its Glory

The most immersive and engaging feature on the Commercial 1750, though, was also present on the older version – the iFit Coach. iFit lets you keep record of your workouts and goals for a more personalized experience. It allows streaming fitness sessions over the HD screen, and offers running trails from over the world for you to enjoy. Jog through virtual tropical landscapes or world-famous national parks for an exhilarating running experience as iFit uses Google Maps to adjust incline according to the real-life geography of your selected location. Race against opponents for a hearty workout session, and keep track of your nutrition and sleep habits side by side.

The best news is that currently the treadmill is being offered with a free 1-year membership for iFit so you can test it out thoroughly and enjoy its features all year long.

Other Attractive Features

Other attractive features (among many more!) include 3” powerful speakers, space-saving design, three different fans to keep you cool, a tablet holder to secure your device, accessory holders, a music port, and an EKG Grip Pulse heart monitor.


  • Upgraded 3.75 HP SMART Response motor allows for a more intense workout (if desired) for longer periods while reducing vibrations
  • With its large 22 x 60 inch tread belt, even people as tall as 6’6” need not worry about falling off
  • The deck has RunnersFlex (™) Cushioning, which when switched on makes walking or running easier on the joint
  • Foldable design to aid storage and portability
  • Max speed of 12 mph sufficient for runners
  • Incline from -3% to 15% provides variety to your workout
  • Upgraded from the previous model, the 10-inch interactive HD touch screen with internet connection keeps you entertained
  • 50 workout apps along with iFit connectivity make workouts more interactive and exciting
  • Extensive warranty (lifetime warranty on frame and motor)
  • Heart rate monitor present


  • An added monthly subscription fee applies to full iFit, which may be costly for some.
  • Not ideal for those heavier than ~300 lbs
  • Difficult to move due to the heavy weight (although stable during workouts because of it)
  • Difficult to assemble on you own (outside help is strongly recommended)

Warranty Summary

The NordicTrack Commercial 1750 comes with:

  • 10-Year Frame Warranty
  • 2-Year Parts Warranty
  • 1-Year Labor Warranty

Bottom Line

The original NordicTrack Commercial 1750 was already a favorite, thanks to its outstanding features and state-of-the-art technology. With the new upgrades, this model now offers even greater value. It is surely something that can guarantee hours of engaging workouts to get you in shape.



Specifications NordicTrack C1750
Motor 3.75 CHP
Speed 12 mph
Incline -3 – 15%
Running surface 20 x 60 inch
Display 10" HD Touchscreen
Training programs 50 Preset Workout Apps
Web Connectivity
Heart rate monitor
Dimensions 81.25" L x 39.25" W x 71" H
Product weight 309 lbs
Max user weight ~300 lbs
Warranty Motor: 10 Year
Parts: 2 Year
Labor: 1 Year